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In business and in the workplace, on the domestic front and in our social lives, we all stand to benefit from more effective communication skills. We crave for more fulfilling interpersonal relationships. This site is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. New features added continually!

This site is not an "article factory" or "content farm." We feature only hand-picked, quality articles that we sincerely believe may make a positive difference to your life.

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How to make conversations more entertaining
Most people are attracted to others who are fun to be around. There are many ways to make conversation entertaining, some as easy as being jovial and good natured. So try one or more of these seven ways you haven't used yet. Very likely, you'll love the results!

All about male pattern talking
As is now well known, men and women exhibit quite different modes of talking. But in spite of the different styles of conversing, they are not set like genetic givens. For example, both genders can adjust so that men talk less and listen more, women talk more directly and to the point to men. Whether you are male or female, use these insights to become a more effective - and popular - communicator and conversationalist.

When others steal your turn to talk
It's a disruptive havit and a very annoying one. Some people are eager enough to enter into a conversation with you, but they never give you a chance to get a word in edgeways. To deal with this nuisance quickly and firmly, this is what you need to know.

Nature's great model for networking
When we do more than connect, when we add something that gives more vitality to those we connect with, everybody gains. How's how to open new horizons in home, social and working life.

Why shame is essential for personal growth
Shame has been a primary and natural emotion from time immemorial. Today, sadly, many seem to regard shame itself as "shameful" and seek to cast all inhibitions to the winds. When is shame destructive, and when is it healthy and constructive? .

How emotional stress can alienate your loved ones
Our emotional state at any particular moment affects our actions, not only in the present but also in the immediate future. Sometimes, emotional stress escalates so quickly that we may feel we are losing control.

Before we know it, innocent people are caught in the cross fire. How can you avoid disaster before it's too late? .

Mending broken working relationships
Creating and nurturing solid working relationships is critical to your ultimate success in your business or career. But how can we repair them should they become damaged in some way? Here are seven steps to turn things around.

Your self-image in the workplace
When communication breaks down in your office or factory and workers lack motivation, what are the roots of the problem? Sometimes, you even have to look beyond the workplace. Here's what you need to know.

Superior conversations for seniors
The writer is a senior well into my 70s. An authority on conversation skills, he enjoys the company of intelligent people of all ages. In this revealing article he shares with his fellow seniors some ideas about how to make conversations more satisfying. Adult children of seniors will also find some useful ideas here.

When smart people converse badly
Sometimes smart people out-smart themselves in interpersonal relations. Why? Can they change for better communication results? Here's the story.

Signs warning you to stop talking
Unlike with the rules of the road, we won't run foul of the law by breaking the rules of conversation, but we could pay a stiff price all the same- Fortunately, some simple signals can help keep us on track. Be sure you know how to protect yourself against rule-breakers - and make sure you aren't one of them yourself!

Emotional intelligence or emotional stupidity?
The research is clear. Who are the people most likely to succceed in life, work and relationships? Not necessarily those who are smartest intellectually! How do you rate?

Those crucial first four minutes
The success or failure of any act of communication can often be traced to the first four minutes of a conversation. And to ensure succcess, there are four things you need to do. Married couples, parents, business people and workplace managers alike all stand to benefit from this important information.

How to tactfully interrupt a conversation
Interrupting others is acceptable and useful behavior - when tactfully done. Here's how to do it properly.

Communicating under pressure: how to think on your feet
Many times we are put into situations where we are asked a question and need to give an answer on the spot, or 'think on your feet.' Our heart begins to race, we start to sweat, we feel our knees knocking. It doesn't have to be that way. Apply these techniques and thinking on your feet will become second nature.

Reading body language: 5 mistakes people make
Human beings are genetically programmed to look for facial and behavioral cues. We see someone gesture and automatically make a judgment about the intention of that gesture. Indeed, the ability to 'read' nonverbal signals can provide you with crucial information about other people, which will give you a significant advantage in judging how to interact with them in all kinds of situations. But you have to avoid these five common mistakes that lead people right off the track when they attempt to read body language?????? Check out all the details here.

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