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Body Language: Best Videos

As we stated on the main page of our new video section, Hodu.com will be searching for the best educational videos dealing with the various topics we cover.

In this sub-section, we will try to bring you appropriate videos that will help you understand the role of body language and non-verbal communication in interpersonal relationships. The emphasis will be how you can use this knowledge to your advantage in your professional as well as your social life.

And of course, we will add new videos regularly as we discover material that meets our criteria. Happy viewing!

What We can Learn from the Politicians?

When politicians make fiery speeches about all the burning issues they intend to "fix", do you believe them? Body language expert Mark Bowden uses footage from Canadian election campaigns to show us how the physical gestures and movements of a politician often contradict what he or she appears to be saying. And when we find such a discrepancy, we know well which aspect - words or gestures- we're inclinded to regard as more credible!

Of course, not only politicians but anyone who aspires to persuade or influence others, and needs to remove all doubts about their sincerty or authenticity, can learn a lot here. Among Bowden's tips: make sure your audience can see clearly your lips moving (moustaches and beards are apparently out!), and never lean forward when shaking hands, or do anything else to give the impression that you're afraid to expose yourself to those you're interacting with.

Making Full Use of Your Nonverbal Advantage

Acclaimed speaker and author Carol Kinsey Goman explains why after reading her new book, The Nonverbal Advantage, and applying its principles, human interaction in the workplace will never again be "business as usual."

Within the first seven seconds of meeting you, a prospective customer or co-worker forms strong - and often subconscious - opinions about you that will shape that relationship for months and even years to come. The way you use your hands and arms, the degree to which you tilt your forehead and chin, and even the slightest movement of your eyebrows all signal different meanings with respect to trust, compassion, interest, empathy and much more - all essential ingredients for your professional success.

You want to win people's trust?
OK, so how's your handshake?

When we meet new clients, potential employers, new business contacts - or are introduced to a potential new friend at a party - how do we let them feel we are worthy of their trust? In his overwhelmingly positive and extremely powerful speaking style, Mark Bowden shows us how an obstensibly small point like the way you shake hands can help. Important clue: don't try and get the upper hand!

Whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Sorry, that's not what your body is saying!

Liars beware! Robert Phipps, an expert well-known for his analyses of the body language of top politicians and celebrities, is special guest on the Five O' Clock Show. Assisted by some talented (and hilarious!) actors, Robert shows how body signals give the game way in four common situations where many people are prone to er..a little exaggeration.

What lies behind the body language, of course, is the feeling of incongruence in the mind of a person tempted to tell a lie. Personally, I'm always a little wary that such gestures may be misinterpreted, especially by an untrained observer, but this is important knowledge nevertheless.



How to confidently talk and make friends - especially if you're shy


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